Amazon Prime Video: potent competitor to Netflix

Faina Alvaros
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Netflix is the most famous and widely used on-demand streaming service out there but Amazon Prime Video is trailing close, and the distance between the two giants is getting smaller with each passing day. If you wish to, you can subscribe to both, or you can pick Amazon’s offer since it has a certain number of advantages over Netflix.

Benefits Amazon offers

First, Amazon Prime Video has a bigger library of the movies outside of the current hits. If you go through various lists online and decide that you want to watch a specific flick, there’s a better chance that you’ll find it on Amazon as compared to Netflix

Second, Amazon invests a lot in developing their own content. These TV series are available exclusively on Amazon.

Third, Amazon offers the basic plan for $99 annually that enables you to watch all the movies and TV shows in the library in the good enough quality. This takes out the headache of figuring out which plan you should pick at Netflix, and this takes away the pain of watching low-quality videos served by Netflix’ basic plan.

Remember though that Amazon and Netflix have quite differing libraries, so it’s hard to compare them in this regard.

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