The Best Netflix Alternatives You Can Get

Faina Alvaros
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Netflix is the go-to source for all sorts of films and series. Most people can’t imagine their evening without watching their favorite movies or series like Riverdale, Stranger Things, etc. Yet, there are quite a few alternatives to this streaming service. Let’s discuss which platforms you can also get to make the selection of available films even bigger.

The biggest company on the market

Amazon Prime is probably the biggest competitor Netflix has. It has some free content, films, and series for Prime Members as well as paid options. You can rent or buy films, shows, and series. The best thing about this streaming service is that its cost is included in Prime Membership. In case you are not a member, you can either join this program or get a standalone subscription.

Other great platforms for streaming films

Hulu is very similar to Netflix but delivers a different choice of movies and series. There you can find lots of shows which are not available on Netflix. The same concerns such options as HBO Now, CBS All Access, Acorn TV, etc. The fans of independent films will like Fandor streaming platform for having over 4 000 of films in this category.
If you look for free platforms, you need to understand they’ll be very limited. Crackle is a good choice but it has only 150 films and 75 series in the catalog. Tubi TV is like Crackle. It has great and interesting content but not many options.

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