3 Netflix Alternatives You Can Switch To

Faina Alvaros
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When choosing a new streaming service, it’s hard to pick only one option. They all differ and deliver various catalogs of films, series, and TV shows. Netflix is currently one of the most popular options. Are there any alternatives? Let’s find out in the article below.

3 streaming apps to use instead of Netflix

First of all, you can pick Hulu. The service is very similar to Netflix. Even the interface has some resemblance. While some of the available films coincide, this app offers a huge number of original films and series. It’s growing fast and expanding in influence in many countries all over the world.

Another very likable and convenient option is Amazon Prime. This streaming app has probably everything you can think of. While there are some free options, Prime Members get an additional list of films and series. If you have a Prime account, the cost is already included in your payment. In case you don’t, there are two options: you either get one or buy a standalone subscription plan. Besides, this company lets you rent and buy films.

Finally, you can turn to YouTube. It has a lot to offer regardless of the country you live in. There are some exclusive shows and series made especially for this platform. Also, there is a ton of content you can watch including videos, vlogs, etc. Some of them may turn out to be even more interesting than anything you watch on Netflix.

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