Feeln: Alternative to Netflix for Romantic and Feel-Good Flicks

Faina Alvaros
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We know how hard it can be to find a good movie to watch. What’s even more frustrating is finding a flick that’ll suit all the members of your family – both kids and adults. Feeln to the rescue. This is a movie streaming platform where you’ll find only sweet, romantic and family-friendly movies.

Why you should take a look

There’s a number of certain benefits you get.

First, it’s a carefully and meticulously curated site where you’ll find only family-friendly films. Thus, you stand no risk of accidentally exposing your kids to gore and smut.

Second, it’s not very expensive with the monthly subscription fee at just $5.99.

Third, all movies are divided into neat categories, so instead of looking through tons of candidates for your pick, you can just browse through individual categories.

You can use this website on your PC, iOS and Android apps and on many other devices, including video consoles.

For those families who struggle to find good cinema to watch together on Netflix, Feeln will be a marvel.

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