Mubi: Alternative to Netflix for Indie Movies

Faina Alvaros
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Netflix is pretty great with the amazingly large number of movies and TV shows on offer. But, sometimes, it’s excruciatingly hard to pick a movie to watch. And it’s getting more and more common across the demographics. You are not alone, and Mubi is here to help you.

It’s an indie streaming service that challenges everything about what Netflix is, and it’s gathering steam with a huge number of subscribers.

How’s it different from Netflix?

First, it offers only 30 movies. That’s so anti-Netflix, we know!

Second, at Mubi you’ve got only 30 days to watch a movie. And then? And then, it’s gone. Forever. Start exposing yourself to awesome indie and arthouse pieces now.

Third, it’s focused on quality cinema, and not on any specific genre and geolocation. Thus, you’ll need to make your peace with watching foreign movies, dramas, horror and sci-fi at Mubi.

But, whatever you are getting yourself and people around you into this evening, you can be sure that the title in front of you was carefully picked to be served at Mubi.

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